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Comprehensive Financial Lifestyle Planning

Many people spend a considerable amount of time planning for the financial aspects of retirement, without giving much thought to lifestyle planning. So, how can your lifestyle influence financial planning? Well, consider this.

It’s your first day in retirement and you no longer have to rush out to work. What is it that you will want to do with your free time? Will you want to travel to visit friends and family? Perhaps you’ll want to play golf, go fishing, or meet some friends for lunch.

Whatever you choose to do it will probably involve some of the activities that you may not have had time for during your working years. And to be able to enjoy these fun activities you’ll need income, so you won’t have to delve into the principal balance of your savings to do so—especially during your early years in retirement.

People often rush into the financial aspects of planning for retirement without giving much thought to how the lifestyle they hope to enjoy should influence their financial planning. However, we believe that effective planning for retirement should start by identifying the lifestyle you want to enjoy.

What is the Purpose of a Personal Lifestyle Plan?

When it comes to planning for retirement, the first step should be to identify the specific activities that will help you feel happy and fulfilled in retirement. Then determine how often you want to enjoy these activities.

That’s why when you come in for your first appointment with us, we will sit down and get to know you and your personal situation. Then, we’ll take the time to map out exactly what you want to accomplish during your golden years. Once we’ve identified that, we can proceed to selecting the financial strategies that give you the best chance of achieving your goals.

One possible option is a strategy designed to help preserve your savings, so you can use it as a renewable source of ongoing interest and dividend payments you can count on. This is known as Investing for Income. And the great thing about it, is that it’s a financial strategy with built in flexibility that can help pay for all the fun things you have planned for retirement, as well as any unexpected expenses that may come up.