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COVID-19 Office Changes

Financial Appointments

Currently we are limiting the number of face-to-face appointments each day so we can properly sanitize in between. Please call if you feel you need a sit down appointment. We can also schedule virtual meetings via Zoom or schedule phone appointments.

Tax Season

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are making some changes to our tax process for the safety of our tax staff members and you.

For appointments:

  1. In place of in person appointments, we will have easy to use Zoom appointments or phone appointments.* Whichever you desire.
  2. We will require your tax documents be sent to us by mail, email, secure document upload or drop off 5-7 days prior to your appointment. We also have installed box in front of our office to securely drop off your documents. We will frequently check on the box from 9AM to 5PM every work day.
  3. If documents are not received 3 days prior, your appointment will be rescheduled.

Drop off Process:

If you are utilizing our drop off process without a scheduled appointment, you can may continue the same process, but we encourage you to utilize some of our new technology incentives below.

New Discounts:

We are rolling out secure online tools to help ease the process. You will receive up to a $15 discount for using any of these measures:

$5 off if you use our Intuit online portal
With your online portal you now can upload your documents using a secure document link, answer questions, and email the tax preparer directly through this service. The tax preparer can set reminders for you regarding incomplete information and you’ll also be able to pull up past years details.
$5 off if you sign your efile signature forms using Docuhub
Sign your tax returns without even leaving your house! Docuhub sends a link by email where you can create an electronic signature and submit the form. You will receive a signed copy as well.
$5 off if you go paperless
Going paperless means that you upload your documents electronically to us AND we email your tax return. This saves us cost on printing and mailing the tax return.

The procedures rolling out are subject to change depending on the upcoming situation.