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Existing Tax Clients

Going forward we will be providing our existing tax clients with our drop off / mail in services for the 2017 Tax Year like most all tax firms. This will alleviate a sit down meeting unless we see a life changing event* that may cause you an unnecessary tax burden. If we do we will schedule a meeting. Sit down appointments are available to financial clients.


  • All tax drop-offs must be in our office on or before March 30th.


In order to keep our prices low, we require these materials at your scheduled tax appointment or in your drop-off packet:

  • Social Security numbers & statements
  • W-2’s
  • 1099’s from banks, pensions, annuity companies and ira’s
  • IRA contributions
  • Year end brokerage statements**.
  • Statement of capital gains from the sale of securities or mutual funds.  Original cost basis of stocks, mutual funds or other property sold.***
  • Copy of checks for quarterly estimated taxes paid   
  • Mortgage interest statements
  • Medical expenses
  • Charitable contributions****
  • Rental property records
  • Dependent care information
  • Business records
  • Property taxes
  • DD214s if a veteran and NJ resident

If you plan to itemize this year, please fill out our tax organizer which will help you total all your expenses and avoid missed deductions.  You may use your own method as long as you have the totals.


We have a staff of friendly tax preparers and accountants to make your tax preparation as easy as possible. This is what we will do to ensure your taxes are stress-free:

  • All drop-off tax returns receive a personal phone call from tax staff
  • Provide more time for tax questions and concerns
  • Search for any and all areas you can reduce taxes and protect your investments


After the initial review, we will take the time to double and triple check your tax return for accuracy. We will also set up a time for you to pick up your completed tax return.

We’re confident that you’ll find your investment in our service represents an outstanding value that will help protect yourself from making any tax mistakes in the future and maximize your tax return.

We look forward to continuing to serve you through the difficult tax challenges ahead. And remember, we’re here for your family, friends and colleagues too!

Tax Appointment Checklist

*Life changing events include change in marital status, death of a spouse/partner, change in number of dependents, purchase or sale of a house, inheritance, first year of retirement, first year of taking RMDs. 

**We use this detailed information to help with determining RMD’s, deduct any fees that may not be readily apparent, and potentially find ways to save you money on taxes.

***We are here to help you with your tax return, any time spent researching cost basis may be an extra charge. Please have this ready before coming in.

****Names and addresses of Charity are needed for non-monetary contributions. Please ask us for a donation valuation guide or click here.