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Our Process

Our Six-Step Educational Process

1. Identify Lifetime Objectives & Strategies

 At McLean Tax Advisory Group, we don't believe in a "cookie-cutter" approach. No two situations are alike. We tailor financial strategies to assist in achieving specific lifetime goals and objectives.

2. Determine Risk Profile

How much money should be in the stock market? How much should be in more conservative investments? We believe in staying within an identified comfort level rather than chasing short-term market returns.

3. Understand All Options

We spend the time to educate. We believe an informed client is a good client. We believe peace of mind may come from understanding options.

4. Build Non-Stock Market Portfolio

Personal preferences as well as cash flow needs are some of the factors that determine non-common stock market investment allocation. In building a model, we educate about today's conservative income-generating options, so you can make informed decisions.

5. Identify Tax Reduction and Catastrophic Protection Strategies

Once the allocation process is completed, we help coordinate affairs. Our focus is on minimizing income taxes and future death taxes as well as helping to potentially protect you and your assets from health care catastrophes.

6. Schedule Regular Periodic Reviews

Last but certainly not least, we believe regular periodic reviews will help stay the course. Our firm places an emphasis on client service.

McLean Tax Advisory Group would be pleased to help steer your course toward a lifetime of financial security. Contact us today for details of how we can try to help you reach for financial goals.

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